Not the Shortest Path: Convert a Directory of Satellite Images to a Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG)

Unified COG after trial and error

What is ‘Not the Shortest Path’?

The Problem

Tree output of folder
  1. Create a single unified Cloud Optimized Geotiff (COG)
  2. Use a mosaic approach
Example image in a rural area.
  • Projected in EPSG:3857
  • Single merged file
  • Added overviews(its a COG after all)
  • No distortions or artifacts

First Attempt — Project, Merge, and Overviews

COG with artifacts around the board of each individual image

Second and Final Attempt — Merge, Project, and Overviews

COG without the artifacts around the borders of the image




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Zachary Déziel

Zachary Déziel

Product Manager @ Anagraph. Geogeek and outdoor enthousiast. Twitter @zacdezgeo